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Landscaping may not be the very first thing that comes to mind when opening or running a business but the impacts it can have on the success of your organization are endless. 

If you are looking at creating a unique environment for both employees and patrons alike, then look no further than the parcel of land on which your business currently resides. It is here where many influential ideas may be portrayed, even if not immediately noticeable to the general passerby. Create an oasis all your own, then sit back and watch as the benefits roll in, occurring now and well into the future.

First Impression

Almost everyone has probably heard the saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” and this is true, even in the world of commercial landscape and design. Often, the very first contact someone has with your place of business isn’t chatting with a receptionist or retail worker, but by interacting with the exterior appearance of your property. Arriving, individuals immediately get a feel for your company judging only by their current surroundings. Ensure that your place of business is making a quality first impression by keeping the landscape clean, clear, free of debris, and well maintained throughout the entire year.

Traffic Patterns

Landscaped layouts can also help to create patterns for both vehicles and pedestrian traffic. No matter if your intent is to direct individuals to your front door, or have them venture elsewhere, using landscaped patterns and designs will help you achieve and execute the precise plan you have in mind. Having a well thought out course of action for your traffic could increase usage and even sales, depending on the layout and location of your existing property.


Did you know landscaping could also have a direct impact on your operating expenses? It’s true. Utilizing appropriate plants and trees can help to reduce heating and cooling costs associated with your property. By incorporating the correct design these items may be used to generate shade areas or even a green roof, which can help not only reduce heating and cooling costs associated with your property but also related impacts to the surrounding environment.

Long-Term Plan

No matter your plant based or hardscape selections, remember to have a long-term plan in place for your commercial landscape design. While certain plants and shrubs may be smaller in size now, knowing how they will grow and the future impacts of their existence is critical. For this reason, a professional installation and recommendation is often the best choice to avoid any potential issues down the road.

Maintenance Costs

The same can also be said of maintenance costs associated with your landscaping layout. While the impacts of a well manicured landscape are vital to the success of your business, creating something that will take constant precision care should be avoided in order to allow your focus to remain on the success of your company and its daily operations. However, regular upkeep is often required and a professional service can assist with an implementation and care program to ensure your property looks inviting and reflects success now and forever.